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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Obviously, I can no longer complain about too much sunshine and not enough rain. If things carry on like this I need to invest in a wetsuit to get on with the work. At the moment, I can't see the beds for the grass paths in between - I swear, the sunshine waits for me to go to work, and then appears, only to dissolve into puddles of rain before I've got my work boots on.

On a plus side though, the rhubarb is still triffidic, the goosegogs don't look mildewy (yet), and I am still eating kale and PSB.

Talking of PSB, I think it was a late one - the second I moaned about it on here (I swear it heard!) it shot into action. I even got my mom and brother to eat a bit.

Had a bit of a panic last week with my tomatoes - put them outside to harden up, and almost lost the lot. They were flattened by the rain, and badly wind-burned. I've bought them back in for some TLC, and will me making some sort of poly-contraption out of clear sheeting and chicken wire. I'm also collecting plastic bottles for mini-cloches. I have a ready supply of empty plastic milk bottles at work, so I'm having as many as I can get my hands on. I am disturbed though about the number that must go in the bin over the course of a week. I collected 5 in one hour this morning, and that's just my department. Shocking.


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